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Please read all information thoroughly before proceeding to the application

Promark Research is looking for part-time telephone interviewers to work from the comfort of your home.  We are looking for individuals who:

  • have a quiet home environment,
  • own a computer with a high speed internet connection,
  • and have good computer knowledge.

We offer flexible afternoon and evening hours on weekdays, and require one mandatory weekend shift on Saturday or Sunday (depending on needs).


  • Personal computer (owned by you) where proprietary software may be downloaded.  Computers owned by other entities could preclude the downloading of the necessary software.
  • A fast, reliable Internet connectionAt the conclusion of the application process and before you will be considered for this position, you will be required to complete a speed test on the personal COMPUTER (not cell phone) on which you would be working.  Instructions to the speed test can be found by clicking here.
  • A wired headset.  (Wireless headsets are NOT sufficient as they could cause hearing/audible issues.)

If you meet all of the qualifications as outlined above and have a great phone presence, click the link below to apply using our secure online application.  (Telephone Interviewer positions only!)

We are currently hiring in the Huntsville, TX area.  Click the button below to apply for employment.

901 Normal Park Dr. Suite 101
Huntsville, Texas