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Your opinions are extremely important!

Promark Research Corporation conducts survey research and is not involved in any telemarketing activity. Survey research companies are not subject to national and state "Do Not Call" laws that bind telemarketing companies. Survey research is a legitimate and scientific process of acquiring data and opinions from the public. As researchers, we are respectful of participants' right to privacy or non-participation. Promark will never divulge your identity or personal information unless you specifically give us permission to do so.

Important decisions are made daily based on data gathered in the studies we conduct, using the opinions of people much like yourself.

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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed into law in 1991 and is overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). TCPA is the law governing all telephone solicitations, including all methods of telephone, fax, and text messaging solicitations. There have been few changes to the law over the years, despite the vast changes in technology, but more recent changes, including some that may not necessarily have intended to target market research and polling firms (like Promark) require us, by association, to comply with the law and we have taken all steps necessary to do so.

All landline sample {phone numbers} is scrubbed to identify and remove any cell/ported (landline to cell) phone numbers.

Cell/ported phone numbers are set up in a separate project, and accessed by a separate system designed especially for TCPA compliance, and those phone numbers are then dialed manually.

Dialing the phone numbers manually prohibits any connection to an automatic dialing system (ATDS) and ensures TCPA compliance.


From time to time we get respondents who participate in one of our surveys and think they participated a push-poll. Promark does not engage in push-polls. Please follow the link below to learn how one of the industry organizations define push-polls and feel at ease knowing that the survey you completed was certainly not a push-poll.

Click below for AAPOR's statement regarding push polls.