Who Needs a Research Company?

If you need reliable consumer data, survey research is one of the best methods of getting it.

Survey research entails any procedure that involves asking people questions and collecting their responses. Any good survey should leave little room for error or bias, and requires specific procedures for the proper execution.

A qualified research company like Promark can ensure your data is reliable, unbiased and acceptable to use for your business.

Why Promark Research?

We do the hard work so you don’t have to. And we do it right.

When you choose Promark, you get the benefits of years of survey research expertise. Since 1997, Promark has provided quality quantitative research services, including survey design, collection, and analysis. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients amongst many different industries.



Promark’s clients come from everywhere,


  • Market research firms
  • Colleges & universities
  • Corporations
  • Public relations & advertising agencies
  • Political analysts
  • Investor relations agencies


We are experienced in several fields of market research, including:

  • Politics
  • Public affairs & policy
  • Academic
  • Legal
  • Corporate
  • Product
  • Employee
  • Consumer research


don’t worry about the research. We’ve got this.