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The Promark team of researchers and programmers use only the finest, state-of-the-art technology available. Using Voxco’s Command Center (CC3) as our CATI application, we are able to collect data for any type of questionnaire. CC3’s reputation for superior design and implementation comes from over 30 years of field experience in computerized survey data collection and analysis.  This new CC3 platform allows our programmers to manage hundreds of thousands of records per project, as well as multi or mixed mode data collection.

Our experienced programmers handle the simplest and the most complex questionnaires with ease.  Our clients often comment that our programming is beyond compare, especially when it comes down to fast turn-around times, as well as their ability to catch the smallest of errors and offer suggestions on changes that will result in collecting the most accurate data.  Our programmers are also experienced with using HTML to customize your online survey to stand out above the competition.

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A highly competent staff combined with state-of-the-art technology provides the framework for Promark’s success. With 250 predictive dialer CATI stations and a well trained interviewing team, Promark can deliver the most accurate, statistically valid survey results available.  Survey data can be delivered in a wide range of formats based on your needs. Open-end responses can be recoded into categories for statistical tabulation, typed as verbatim responses, or both.

All Promark interviewers are required to successfully complete an intensive training program, where they are taught sound interviewing methodology, techniques to reduce bias, proper probing skills, methods to overcome refusals and use of rebuttals to improve refusal conversion.

Training is enhanced through our in-house, custom-designed training survey which gives trainees the opportunity to practice their interviewing techniques in a “real-world” setting. Upon completion of our rigorous training program, interviewer skills are continuously refined through feedback from monitors, floor supervisors and ongoing professional development.

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Online Surveys

Promark is capable of handling all of your online survey (CAWI) needs.  From custom HTML programming to fit the look and feel that you need, to sending invites and hosting the survey, Promark offers it all.  While our customized surveys are far more advanced than what most companies might offer, they are very user-friendly for the respondents.

To view a sample of one or our online surveys and see some of the capabilities of what we can provide, please visit our DEMO section.

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We know you have choices when it comes to selecting the right research provider and we want to put our 30 plus years of professional experience to work for you.

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Coding And Typing

Promark prides itself in staying ahead of the competition in the quality of its services and cutting-edge technology. This technology enables us to digitally record responses to open-ended questions and save them as .wav files. From these files, we are able to provide typed transcripts of the digitally recorded responses or have our in-house coding staff group the open-ends into “like” categories. Working from digitally recorded files enables Promark to accurately present the respondent’s answer using their exact wording, thus eliminating interviewer bias and incomplete results. Promark’s open-end responses are recognized as among the best in the industry.

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Data Processing

At Promark we constantly look for better ways to serve our clients. And, we believe that delivering high-quality data in a timely manner is a critical factor. Our data processing team uses SPSS, Uncle and StatXP to tabulate results. Standard computer analysis can be produced including frequencies, banner and stub tables, portrait tables, and crosstabulations. Advanced analytical procedures can be provided upon request. If necessary, Promark uses advanced iterative weighting algorithms to compute weights to conform to desired proportions and deviate least from the original data. Tabulated data can be delivered via E-mail as ASCII files, Microsoft Word documents, or we can print a hardcopy and ship the results via express delivery.

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At Promark, we know a quality sample list and well designed quotas help ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data. We use only nationally recognized sample sources such as Survey Sampling, STS, Voter Contact Services, and Labels and Lists. Their large databases enable Promark to draw a telephone sample from a wide variety of geographic and demographic specifications. Samples can be stratified and drawn according to client specifications. Any combination of random digit dial, listed, blended, or targeted samples can be combined to achieve accurate, efficient results.