What will I be doing at Promark?

ANSWER: Promark conducts surveys over the telephone. An Interviewer will be making phone calls to households across the country to conduct these surveys. You will be taught correct protocol for making these phone calls in training. Promark does not sell anything.

What equipment do I need?

ANSWER: In order to meet software requirements, an Interviewer at Promark must have their own personal equipment consisting of a computer (Windows 10, or Mac with macOS 10.13 or greater) and a WIRED headset. Wireless headsets are unreliable and don’t always work with Promark’s software. This wastes time and decreases productivity. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE HEADSET YOU WILL BE USING IS WIRED.

Can I use a Chromebook?

ANSWER: At the present time, Promark has determined that Chromebooks DO NOT work with the necessary software and therefore are not accepted. As Promark resolves some of these software issues, this policy may change.

What are the required hours to work at Promark?

ANSWER: Promark’s normal hours are from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Central time) Monday through Thursday and 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Sunday.


Does Promark only work Monday through Thursday and on Sunday?

ANSWER: Although Promark’s normal hours are Monday through Thursday and Sunday, many weeks there are shifts on Friday and Saturday as well. These shifts are not considered normal and are filled by those employees who would like extra hours. 

Does an interviewer have to work all hours in a shift?

ANSWER: Shifts are determined by the workload for that specific shift. There may be times where the workload does not fill the entire shift and there may be times when interviewers are offered the opportunity to start earlier than their default schedule. Either way, an employee must be available to work any hours between the hours outlined in his or her agreed-upon schedule.

What is your minimum scheduling requirement?

ANSWER: Promark’s normal scheduling agreement consists of three days (Monday through Thursday) and a mandatory Sunday. At this time, Promark is allowing individuals to schedule two days (Monday through Thursday) and Sunday. Your personal schedule will be addressed during your virtual interview.

Your advertising indicates there is flexibility in scheduling. How does that work?

ANSWER: Promark is flexible with schedules at hire. Once a default schedule is set, an Interviewer is expected to work that schedule each and every week following the setting of the schedule unless a weekly schedule change is submitted by Wednesday night of the prior week by the end of shift. Schedule changes should be exception and not the rule. Once a schedule is confirmed for the week, an Interviewer is expected to fulfill the outlined schedule. 

What is the starting pay at Promark?

ANSWER: Starting pay (after training) is $9.00 an hour. However, there is opportunity to earn more money (up to $12.00 per hour) based on
certain parameters. At this time during our peak season, an employee can earn more money in two ways:


1. Work more hours: if an Interviewer works 1 to 27.99 hours in a week (Monday through Sunday), that Interviewer will receive their standard rate of pay; if an Interviewer works 28 to 34.99 hours in a week (Monday through Sunday), an interviewer will receive an additional $.50 per hour for all hours worked in that week if their production is positive for the week; if an Interviewer works more than 35 hours plus in a week (Monday through Sunday), an Interviewer will receive an additional $1.00 per hour for all hours worked in that week if their production is positive for the week. Although overtime is not required or preferred, on occasion, an Interviewer may be able to work overtime but the additional pay is based on hours worked and not an hourly rate.

2. Positive production: an Interviewer may receive up to an additional $2.00 per hour based off of positive production. The better the production, the higher the bonus. In other words, Interviewers who produce above normal standards will be compensated for their better production.

Starting pay begins after training. What is the pay rate during training?

ANSWER: On an Interviewer’s first day of work, they will be entered into a training class. This four-day training will be paid at minimum wage ($7.25 per hour). These training days are mandatory and cannot be skipped. If an applicant is scheduled for a training class and needs to reschedule, that Interviewer will be place on hold until another opportunity for training opens. There is not guarantee of when that training will begin. Schedule your first day of training at a time when you know you will be available for all four days. If an employee trains one day, they may be asked to take the first day of training over again.

How often do I get paid?

ANSWER: Promark’s pay sequence is bi-weekly. All Promark employees are paid on a two-week cycle.