About Promark Research

Promark Research Corporation is headquartered in Houston, Texas. We operate call centers in multiple cities, giving us greater flexibility and capacity to handle any size research project. Since 1997, we have offered quality telephone survey research services, as well as online surveying, data collection and analysis services.

We own our call centers, all located right here in the USA. Our employees
conduct the research on technology that we own and control.

Our Values

Promark’s staff serves all clients with professionalism and integrity but our special commitment to quality sets us apart from the rest.

That special commitment is what we call the Promark Difference:

    Quality:  Collect rich, valuable information using proper research methods

    Accuracy:  Provide genuine data with minimal bias

    Speed:  Deliver fast results and even faster client support

    Affordability:  Offer competitive pricing for first-class service

Specialist Skills

We take pride in all of our research projects but through our vast experience involving political research, we are capable of handling any and all demands the most difficult of projects could encompass.

Fast turnaround times are our specialty.