Powerful, Versatile Interviewing Software
Designed to Accurately Handle Any Type of Questionnaire

The Promark team of researchers and programmers use only the finest, state-of-the-art technology available. Using Voxco's Command Center (CC3) as our CATI application, we are able to collect data for any type of questionnaire. CC3's reputation for superior design and implementation comes from over 30 years of field experience in computerized survey data collection and analysis.  This new CC3 platform allows our programmers to manage hundreds of thousands of records per project, as well as multi or mixed mode data collection. 

Our experienced programmers handle the simplest and the most complex questionnaires with ease.  Our clients often comment that our programming is beyond compare, especially when it comes down to fast turn-around times, as well as their ability to catch the smallest of errors and offer suggestions on changes that will result in collecting the most accurate data.  Our programmers are also experienced with using HTML to customize your online survey to stand out above the competition.